Yoga during a Heat Wave

How hot is it? There’s not many people out and about today, seems like people are staying inside making the most of air conditioning or just staying out of the sun. I’m hearing a lot of media warnings about keeping hydrated, staying out of the sun, a lot of child and pet heat safety tips are being broadcast. Some very practical advise is being offered.
You can continue with your yoga practice during the heat wave but a few things need to be considered mainly around the type of sequence you do, where you practice and the expertise of the teacher.
Yoga asana or any form of movement or exercise generates internal heat, for a mechanical movement to take place a subsequent chemical reaction takes place and heat is generated. Thats why you feel warm when you exercise. If the room your practicing in hasn’t been cooled or has been deliberately heated and has poor ventilation an external heat is created. This potential heat on heat response, the combination of the bodies internal heat and external or environmental heat that is potentially dangerous because your body cant cool itself sufficiently.
The sequence of poses you practice has a huge impact on the build up of internal heat, the sequence you practice in July should be completely different to the one you practice in the hight of summer. Sequencing is seasonal and poses should be offered with various modified versions to suit individual attributes. If your practicing the same sequence all year round your going to develop dosha imbalances.
In addition to providing a suitable practice space and a seasonally appropriate sequence your teacher should be able to offer cooling pranayama techniques to help lower internal heat.
During the heat wave I’ll be teaching sitali pranayama as a cooling technique. Our studio is air conditioned and filtered water is provided to help keep you hydrated.

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