Testimonials (Kind words)

“John’s Yoga Class is my chance to centre myself, reconnect with the real me and truly relax. His down to earth manner and sense of humour create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. John maintains a consistent and high level of spirit and attention to his teaching that makes each student in his class feel as though he is speaking directly and only to them. His compassion and sense of humour create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. John’s yoga class leaves me feeling fulfilled, stimulated, invigorated and enlightened. It’s a testament to John’s teaching style that all levels of students feel at home. His humour and warmth are just an added extra bonus, and the fact that he is a very giving person. The dedication to making his classes work for all levels of yogis is such a rare treat as he teaches with a wonderful blend of wisdom, skill and inspiration.

It is a pleasure to go to his class and I look forward to them every week. He has a remarkable teaching style, calm and grounded while at the same time powerfully strong in his practice and teaching. I have been coming to John’s Yoga classes for over five years. John has made a world of difference in my practice of yoga – Always keeps me coming back for more!”

- Elita

“A welcoming teacher with a good sense of humour but very serious about providing a well-pitched class to meet the varied needs of bodies young and old”

- Bron

“Since attending John Wilson’s classes my life has changed for the better. Yoga hasn’t just changed me physically but mentally & spiritually as well.

John’s classes are very welcoming & non-competitive which is especially beneficial for those just starting out on their yoga journey.

John is a very patient teacher with a wealth of knowledge that he is only more that happy to share!

Peninsula Yoga Centre is the perfect place to start your love affair with yoga!”

- Monica

“I have found John to be warm and approachable, a good communicator, a lateral thinker. Well grounded, competent, diligent, observant, perceptive, articulate, open, encouraging, accommodating, consistent. His desire to learn seems to be as strong as his desire to teach. He caters for all levels and types of ability, and as a separate issue, all levels of experience.

I believe it’s the combination of all these attributes that have enabled me to trust Johns commitment to responsible and safe practice. Because of such a high level of trust, I take his suggestions on board freely, and in doing so, have found healthier, easier ways to move in and out of poses. Under Johns guidance, I have been able to achieve things I didn’t think possible … with ease …

I am legally blind and cannot see what John is doing when he is showing his students how to achieve various movements and postures. But his verbal instructions are so concise and easy to follow, that ‘seeing’ for the most part, is not necessary. I am grateful to the friend who introduced me to John and, of course, grateful to John.”

- Kate.

“John Wilson is a born yoga instructor. His knowledge of his craft & its anatomical impact, his capacity to break down poses & processes into layman’s speak, his interesting approach to humour & his recurrent theme that yoga practice is unique each session to each individual & how they are feeling at the time is both refreshing & addictive. John’s ongoing reminder that there is no place in yoga for ego’s is an awesome foundation for both beginner & more experienced practitioner alike. I love every class I go too and so do my hips”


“I have been attending John’s yoga classes for the past 4 years. John is a very professional yoga teacher who is able to accommodate all levels of experience and fitness. One of the great things about John’s classes is that he comes around and adjusts your position to ensure your practice is optimal. Also, unlike a lot of other yoga classes, the practice with John feels very relaxed, non-competitive and there is a fair bit of humour.”

- Debbie

“John’s yoga class leaves me feeling refreshed both physically and spiritually. I am a happy person by nature and this sense of inner peace adds something extra to my existence. John’s humourous personality makes my yoga experience so much more enjoyable. Every class is different, every class challenging, and every class is a lesson learnt, leaving you wanting to return for more. John is a wonderful teacher. Thanks John for helping me continue on my yoga journey. Namaste.”

- Faye Schindler

“Just want to say thanks. I really enjoy your classes. They have been great for improving my flexibility, destressing, and helping to bring balance to my consciousness. A little escape for the body and mind. Your passion for the art, guidance, and the non-competitive individual attention in your classes has had a fantastic effect on me. My posture has never been better.”

- Ken Schindler

“John is the goods for me …. he has a sense of humour ( unbelievable, but true ) a great manner in getting you working and into all sorts of contortions, you hadn’t thought possible …. with a predictable outcome that you feel, move better and enjoy life more … John is a man’s man, unlike many male practitioners doing the rounds …. have enjoyed and and ready to recommend John ….”

- Mal Deans

John’s yoga classes are great. A mix of warmth, good humour and strong yoga knowledge make the classes really enjoyable. John manages to tread a fine line between sharing some of the more subtle aspects of yoga practice, giving depth to what you can take from what he teaches, but also interspersing the classes with plenty of humour, so it’s also fun. The space is comfortable and relaxed and there’s a really nice friendly vibe amongst the students.


Hi John,
Thanks for forwarding a copy of your Newsletter.
I found it very interesting and now understand a bit more of the terminology and it’s meaning.
Both Lisa and I are enjoying your classes and I feel that I have gained some relief from mild low back pain and stiffening joints that come from arthritis and getting older. Your classes came along at an opportune time. Thanks again.
Best wishes,


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