Hayley Saunders

I have never thought myself as a particular anything with “labels” as such. To me there is a special place in each one of us to share openly with the world, and when I came across yoga with my teacher 7 years ago it started something very special that has shed light upon the surrounding world. Feelings of walking like a feather, complete presence and the highest of bodily sense were amplified. This to me was a secret that in the deepest of my heart I wanted to be able to show the rest of my world around me. To share a light that is inside of us simply just being ourselves in a nourishing practice that serves the mind body and soul. How could this be hidden! It was a passion from then on to share with plentiful gratitude for what I had, and will always continue to learn.

Life is simple, should be enjoyed and for the moment we have on our earth our time is a gift. Thank you for being you and learning more to increase ones quality of life.

Through my own experience of Fitness modelling, past injuries and emotional instability, I encourage a wide range of techniques that help prevent preserve and rehabilitate the body. I have been teaching in this practice for over 4 years and am also a qualified exercise specialist with a diploma in fitness, but most of all open minded to the opportunities of learning/un-learning the fragment of our beautiful human existence. To be able to help guide, give service to those in need and feel the overall understanding of equality from my students is why I love what we do.

Look forward to practicing with eveyone!
See you on the mat ✌

Lauren Horton

Lauren first started practicing yoga 20 years ago whilst studying for her HSC. She attributes her success in getting into art school back in 1997, to the efforts of her daily yoga practice. Almost 10 years on, Lauren trained with Idit Tamir Hefer and Katie Manitsas through Samadhi Yoga, Sydney (now the Sukha Mukha Yoga training) to become a yoga teacher with prenatal yoga teaching qualifications.

In the 7 years of being a yoga teacher, Lauren has become a mother to two boys, a birth doula (birth support person) through the Australian Doula College, a Birthing From Within® Mentor with Birthing From Within, a Reiki II energy healer and a Relax and Renew® trainer with Judith Lassater.

She focusses her yoga teaching in Pregnancy, birth and postpartum and has a well established business on the Central Coast NSW called Singingbird Yoga & Birth Support. Lauren teaches Prenatal Yoga, runs birth workshops for couples, offers placenta encapsulation, and energy healing for pregnancy and postpartum, hosts women’s yoga retreats and attends births as a doula, at home and at hospital.

Lauren lives on the Central Coast with her partner Angelo (Yoga teacher and photographer) and two boys, George and Marcel. 

Faye Schindler

Faye began practicing yoga in 1997. It is from her yoga practice over the years that have helped Faye discover her own hidden strength and a complete connection to mind and body. Through these beautiful experiences, she would like to share her knowledge and teachings of these benefits of yoga to others within the community. Faye’s teaches Vinyasa yoga. If you are looking for a yoga class to get energised while helping you build strength and flexibility – this upbeat, creative yoga practice, seamlessly linking breath and movement, will keep you present as you learn to move gracefully in and out of poses. Utilising Sun Salutations, strength building and connected movements, Vinyasa Yoga will build confidence and help you stay present and centered.Level: Beginner to intermediate

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