John Wilson

Studio Owner and Principle Teacher

John Wilson is the founder and principle teacher at Peninsula Yoga. John is a true local, having been a resident of the Woy Woy Peninsula for 30 years and has offered Yoga classes for the past 15 years.

John was introduced to Yoga on advise from a Chiropractor after suffering a serious spinal injury. The therapeutic and meditative benefits of yoga were soon realised. The gentle mobilising and stretching of this first practice not only relieved chronic pain but also led to a positive life changing experience. An unexpected opportunity to teach was the catalyst for John to pursue yoga as not only a life style but also a career. He graduated from the distinguished “Yoga Teaching Diploma” at Nature Care College in Sydney and was accepted as a member of the Yoga Australia. He began teaching in community halls and gymnasiums and soon became a highly regarded team fitness leader. In March 2006, a dream was realised when John opened the Peninsula Yoga Centre.

John has delivered yoga packages to seniors, children with special needs, and people with injuries in the form of rehabilitation, beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.
His philosophy to yoga teaching is that: Yoga is available to every person regardless of age, physical or mental condition. A practice is available to anyone who is willing to improve his or her own health and well being.

Kimberley Griffiths

Hi, I’m Kim and here is a little bit about me, I’ve lived in Umina Beach on the Central coast for last 23yrs. A little over ten years ago I started practicing yoga at Peninsula yoga with John Wilson, I still remember when I walked into my first yoga class I was 17years old about to do my HSC and instantly I fell in love and was hit with an overwhelming sense of community. Over those years of practicing I learnt that a large percentage of people come to yoga to increase flexibility. But, that reason will almost always quickly change.  Yoga for me is the perfect time to be curious about who you are, its self-reflection, the practice of self-compassion and kindness which aids us in gaining greater self-awareness through the connection of Mind, Body and breath. I’ve always been a lover of all things natural, artistic, health related & helping people reach their true potential for last 8 years I worked as a Photographer helping people tell their stories to the world. In 2016 I decided it was time to explore the world of yoga a little deeper so I spent the last year studying with Mark Obrien and his amazing team at Qi Health &Yoga Sydney and obtained my Yoga Teacher training and Philosophy Diploma.

Whether I am behind the lens or teaching/practicing yoga I have come to realize that it all comes down to connection and living our truths. Yoga has completely changed my life by helping me find peace and balance & continues to do so in the most beautiful way. It is my aim as a teacher to help bring its magic to yours by sharing what I’ve learned along the way and continuing to grow with you. Yoga is not about self improvement it’s about self-acceptance. It’s about showing up to your mat and not knowing what is going to happen but knowing that’s okay! I fell in love with yoga as a teenager in high school because it doesn’t care about our past but about the people we are becoming. Yoga is to be lived, and it is possible for anybody who wants it. I invite you to self exploration & conscious healing that will guide you on the way to balanced and happy life living your truth.  Together let’s Create, Imagine, Breathe, Inspire, Play & share something wonderful.
If you can breathe, you can practice yoga

Namaste Beautiful Friends
“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita

400+ Hours Yoga Teacher Training and Philosophy Diploma – Qi Health & Yoga Sydney
Currently studying 100hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Mysan Sidbo The Yoga Sanctuary


Jaclyn Handerhan

I am floor based and aerial yoga instructor with a strong background in fitness and gymnastics. I found yoga several years ago after a long period of having no fitness routine. It began as an obsession with asana and over the years morphed into my entire lifestyle. Yoga continues to encourage all areas of my life to improve and grow. It connects me to my past, present and future. I fell so in love with each of my disciplines for different reasons and I am eternally grateful to get to share that love with others and pass on some ancient traditions.

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