Sitali Pranayama

Hey Peninsula Yogi’s, I hope your enjoying your Sunday activities. It feels like we are in for a very hot day, high 30′s is the forecast.
I continually mention in class that Yoga is much more than movement. I’ll share a pranayama (breathing technique) they might help you stay cool today.

Sitali pranayama is performed by curling the tongue and creating a tube, the breath is inhaled through the tube which bypasses the bodies in built air conditioning system. The exhalation is long and slow via the nostrils. The breath should not be forced.

Drawing air into your body directly through the tubed tongue reduces the bodies internal fire (pitta element) and cools the whole system.

This technique will help curb anxiety and hot flashes.

Practice for 15 rounds. Drink plenty of room temperature water. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

This is only a very basic introduction to sitali, like all pranayama the advise of an experienced teacher should be sought.