Is this situation familiar, you’ve had a busy day, your physically and mentally exhausted but as you drag yourself into bed you miraculously and suddenly become wide awake, you start contemplating your future or re-living some event/s of your past.

You start going through all the possible alternate outcomes to a life event or some experience of your past, what you could have done, what you should have said, how you would act differently if you had the opportunity, how you’d deal with that 4th class bully if you could go back in time, you plan the perfect retort. The self chatter may change direction and you start to explore the future, the possibilities are endless.

“Samskaras” are mental impressions left by all thoughts, actions and intentions an individual has ever experienced. Thoughts are repeated and recycled constantly which reflect mental and emotional states. Every time you relive a past experience, when you add to the story, change the ending or add another emotion the neural pathway deepens and that particular thought process becomes a habit. Noel Harrison offers a very good analogy “As the images unwind, like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind” The thoughts go around and around and the cycle can’t be broken, the process is totally futile simply because you can’t change the past, it’s happened. No matter how many times you relive the experience, whatever mental energy/emotional energy you waste reliving an event you’ll never change the outcome, you can learn from it but you can’t change the past. You can’t live in the future because it hasn’t happened, what you do have is the present moment, right here, right now. The “present” is elusive because it’s constantly changing but you can break bad habits of thought by developing mindfulness through movement or meditation.

No Coincidence!

Introducing the Scottish, English and Irish connection, Evelyn, Penny and Aoife.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while and finally it’s happened, to have these 3 practicing together in one class. I know it sounds a bit like a Dave Allen joke, a Scottish woman, an English woman and an Irish woman walk into a yoga class! (what happens next)
I’m working on the punch line!

Theres is no such thing as coincidence and it still amazes me that people of all different back grounds and walks of life all come together in a back lane in Woy Woy in an oddly shaped room to practice yoga together and share energy.

The universe works in strange and amazing ways.

Lesley Ewington – Rehabilitation

This lady is the very inspirational Lesley Ewington. Lesley has been practicing wth me for over 5 years, she’s 70 years plus young and keeps herself fit and active by playing tennis, she swims regularly and of course yoga. Lesley has recently had a shoulder reconstruction and the focus and determination she’s dedicated to her rehabilitation is awe inspiring. Her Doctor can’t believe the range of movement she’s achieved in such a short time after surgery, Lesley attributes her remarkable recovery to her yoga practices

Chair Yoga – Bev McPherson

Introducing Bev McPherson who is a highly regarded and foundation member of our “Sit your way to Health” chair yoga class.

Bev contracted an illness which resulted in the amputation of a lower leg and fingers. She hasn’t let that major set back interfere with her yoga practices, achieving incredible results in mobility and pain relief.

Bev is an absolute inspiration with her commitment to movement, focus and determination.

If you can feel and breath I can offer you a suitable yoga practice.

Heart Chakra

There seems to be an epidemic of poor body awareness, rounded shoulders and spinal slumping taking place. A de-evolution in posture which is not only aesthetically unpleasing but can create serious imbalances in the structures of the body, leading to a loss of mobility and function and ultimately creating pain. Hyper-kyphosis of the thoracic spine seems to be an adjunct of modern sedentary living, put simply the body is designed to move.

Is the kyphosis being caused by genetic, physical or emotional factors? The yogic philosophers and sages tell us that the body and mind are inseparable, what happens in the mind will be reflected in the body and what happens in the body will be reflected in the mind. Just observe a person who is upset, they breath shallowly, become very closed in posture by rounding their shoulders and upper back. They become very protective of the heart and the corresponding ‘anahata’ chakra.

The anahata chakra which is part of the subtle body and is associated with unconditional love, compassion, warmth and joy, it’s literally the energy centre of emotions and reflects how you relate to yourself and others. In Sanskrit ‘anahata’ translates as “unhurt, unstuck and unbeaten”.

A temporary emotional upset isn’t going to close you physically or emotionally but consecutive and prolonged “hurts” will. Conditions such as depression and anxiety will cause both physical and emotional blockages which can manifest physically as closed posture (slumped upper back, forward head position and rounded upper back) as the person attempts to protect their heart. Emotional feelings such as fear of rejection, feeling unworthy of love, paranoia, loving indiscriminately and an inability to support anyone else at an emotional or deep level, basically they become emotionally dysfunctional.

Yoga can help. A properly structured asana practice which emphasises back bending, chest broadening and heart chakra opening poses can help realign posture by addressing the short tight and subsequent long week muscles associated with kyphosis. Certain breathing techniques (pranayama) will help with lung and heart function, developing both physical and subtle energy. Meditation techniques, chanting and relaxation practices combined with visualisation can help open the heart chakra and relax the mind.

If you have a restriction in your physical body, you’ve been practising a certain pose for a long time and it’s just not working, you don’t seem to be improving or you’re not feeling any benefit. It may not necessarily be a physical restriction that you have, it may be an emotional or subtle energy blockage that you’re experiencing.

Remember the body and mind are one.

Kim and Brodie opening the front of the body and opening the heart under the anahata symbol.

Drop the Ego (Real yoga for Real people)

“I’ve got a better body than her”

This totally misinformed and inappropriate comment was made by a former student of my studio, a fairly long-term practitioner. As indicated by these words this person actually has no idea of what yoga is or the principles of inclusion that I promote in my classes.

The mind-set of this person is beyond my comprehension, let’s face it only a rather fragile ego would compare their physical shape as a trophy of superiority to another person.

The most frustrating part of this narcissistic comment is that the message I push constantly in my classes, “Everybody is different and regardless of your body type or shape there is an appropriate practice for you” isn’t being heard.

I remove all sense of competition in my classes, no one passes, no one fails” I constantly promote that there is no prototype body for yoga movement. Everyone benefits regardless of how you look, what you wear or how advanced your practice may be.

I’ll continue to offer real yoga for real people.

#droptheego #mouthbreather #authentic #inclusion #everyonewelcome

Kundalini Yoga Classes

Kundalini yoga involves movement, breath work, relaxation, chanting and meditation. It is a healing practice and it creates a shift in your energy, you definitely feel different after practicing. Kundalini yoga is for everyone, it can be a very strong or a gentle practice, and everything in between- depending on what you need and enjoy. Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice that comes from India and was brought to the west in the 1960s by the master of kundalini yoga “Yogi Bhajan”. I pray to Yogi Bhajan and his presence guides me through the class.

In kundalini yoga we do “kriyas”. A kriya is a set of exercises done for a specific purpose, and there are thousands of kriyas. So there are kriyas for each chakra, there are kriyas for the immune system, for mental health, for digestion, for releasing addictions, and for general health and balance and there are kriyas for many other areas. The classes I teach are suitable for beginners through to advanced, I guide you to work at your level. I love kundalini yoga and I have been practicing it most days for the last 14 years. This has been a very healing and empowering experience for me and it brings me joy to share this beautiful yoga with others.

Kundalini classes are offered on Mondays between 3.30pm to 5pm – Wednesdays from 7am to 8.30am and 3.30pm to 5pm.

Yoga in Winter

The seasons are changing – Winter is about to arrive!!!

The Kapha dosha (energy that defines a persons makeup) dominates and with its characteristics of coolness, dampness, heaviness and sluggishness it’s no wonder you want lock yourself away. In the colder months the natural instinct is to rug up in front of a fire-place with a warm cup of tea and hide away from the winter weather, the desire to hibernate has arrived! A nice but unrealistic notion! It’s very important to remember that winter is not a time to stop your Yoga practise, it’s time to change your practise in accordance with the season.

You can’t escape what the universe is offering, your part of it, you still have to function and go about your daily life regardless of the weather. You can partially withdraw from life over winter but to do so you have to live an artificial life, fake heating, fake lighting, eating unseasonal foods, the list goes on. You may be able to exist like this but its false, this is not living, it’s out of step with the universe and it will have diminishing effects on your wellness.

A winter practise helps you keep warm. Muscles produce heat in the body when they contract, the process of converting chemical energy to mechanical energy produces heat, this increases the flow of blood through your body, which keeps you warm. Intelligent movement will help prevent muscular-joint pain and stiffness, your immune system remains strong and in conjunction with a healthy diet will help prevent the usual winter illnesses.

The human body is meant to move, its that simple. As soon as mobility is lost, wellness declines.

Have you noticed how people walk around in contracted bodies during winter, shoulders hunched, upper backs rounded and arms wrapped across the their chests all in an effort to maintain body heat. This “closed” gesture in movement will biomechanically destroy posture and at a deeper level prevent the flow of subtle energy throughout the body causing a decline in function and wellness.

Dull, gloomy and cold weather may make you feel low and lethargic but there’s nothing more uplifting and mood changing than your regular Yoga practise.
There is a science behind the sequencing of your Yoga class, hopefully your noticing that your practise has been altered to cater for the change in season. An intelligent and well structured Yoga sequence is easy to maintain in winter or any other time of the year if you maintain your motivation. You can stay strong and healthy if you keep moving and dont allow the cold weather to hinder your practise.

Stay warm, keep moving and be gentle with yourselves.


Not “Chic” but “Real”

Hey Peninsula Yogis, looks like we missed out on being rated as one of the Central Coasts “chic” yoga studios. Upon hearing this news I thought I’d better find out exactly what “chic” means, some of the descriptions are,- “stylish, elegant, sophisticated, dapper, debonair, attractive, stylish, fashionable, ultra-modern, trendy, snappy”.

All things that we definitely are NOT.

Our studio sits in a pot holed back lane, with garbage dumpsters and possibly the Central Coasts ugliest building for a view. We have a resident homeless man camped across the road. We hear all the rantings of a rather cranky local business man and a lot our classes are accompanied by the vibrations and hum of industrial washing machines. We encourage GREAT jokes, conversation and interaction.

Where definitely not “Chic”. We must be doing something right though! ! Most of our classes are full, we’ve been established for over 12 years, the studio goes from strength to strength.

The success of our studio is an endorsement for traditional yoga without gimmick, yoga designed for real people offering functional, practicable and structured movement which considers the strengths and restrictions of each individual.


View from studio door