A chance meeting became life changing

I just ran into my first Yoga teacher, bought back lots of memories.

Thinking back I knew so little about Yoga, I thought I may have to go to Rebel Sports and buy some Yoga clothes, maybe a pair of Yoga shoes!!!

I walked into that very first class with absolutely no idea of what to expect. Upon entering the Yoga room my immediate thought was I can “out” yoga all these people, I’m bigger, stronger!!!! The old competitive nature came out spiced up with a huge dose of ego.

I was the ultimate non-yogi.

The class proceeded, the ego started to drop, new concepts were introduced, “move with your breathe, don’t force, feel your body, observe your thoughts”

By the end of the class I knew I found what I was looking for, what I needed, where I belonged. My only regret being that I hadn’t found yoga earlier.

I remember Carlo saying to me “why don’t you try yoga tonight” who would have thought that one sentence would lead me to where I am today. I was also given my first teaching experience in that same studio.

Thanks to Carlo for igniting the spark of spirituality and setting me on the yogic path. I’ve been blessed to have some exceptional teachers and mentors.