Cyclists and Coffee are they inseperable?

Over the past year I’ve noticed an explosion of cyclists, not out riding but sitting in cafés! I’ve been a cyclist most of my life and I fully understand the incredible wellness and health benefits of cycling. Our local area is almost perfectly designed for a bike ride, tracks around the water front, a velodrome at West Gosford and literally hundreds of mountain bike circuits. They’re all underused because most of the cyclists are sitting in cafés drinking coffee.

It’s an incredible phenomena to watch a car pull up with a very expensive bike on the roof tracks, the driver jumps out and detaches the bike, wheels it to the bike rack outside a cafe, drinks coffee, puts the bike back on the car and drives off.

Here’s a tip for my fellow cyclists, you will actually get the benefit if you put your backside on the seat and get your legs to turn the peddles.

After an actually ride on the bike why not come to Yoga and I’ll work on your tight hamstrings and hyper kyphosis, then go and enjoy your cafe experience.

Maybe bikes shop owners could advise me, do you give away free coffee vouchers with each bike sold? Cafe owners, do you have give always for best lycra outfit?

Whether your a cafe cyclist or a real cyclist enjoy your weekend and stay safe. Keep moving!