Simplify your life through Yoga

The overload of yoga information, some accurate and some completely inaccurate is becoming overwhelming. Actually it’s very confusing, my FB news feed is saturated with yoga classes, teacher training, retreats, yoga as a business, yoga active wear, the list is exhaustive.

If you’re attending classes and benefitting why over complicate it, there’s no need, the whole idea is to simplify life through yoga not over complicate it.

To simplify your yoga practice allow your mind to be┬áled, don’t anticipate the teachers words, that’s just your ego wanting to take charge. Practice with a zen mind, allow your consciousness to separate from the endless stream of thought that drifts across your mind scape.

Mindfulness is created by developing drishti and focusing on the bio feedback from your body while in motion. Assessing where you need to strengthen your body, relax your body, direct your breath and modifying your position for comfort.

The body-mind connection is created by turning inward and feeling your body in movement. It’s what I refer to as meditation in motion or relaxation in action. Take your body into a pose as deeply as you can based on how you feel in the “present”. Your level of energy, physical, mental and emotional attributes or restraints determine your level of practice. Don’t start your class with a set goal or preconceived idea of want you want to achieve, this leads to
an ego driven practice which will have diminishing wellness benefits.

The formula is fairly simple, move your body mind fully through asana to create a flow of subtle energy (prana) and potentially develop higher states of focus. Your breath is all important, it’s the prime mover, it’s used to develop strength, relaxation, softness. Breath brings your body and mind together and holds the connection when mindfulness is established.

Move the body, focus the mind, honour the breath, be present.

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