Asana is NOT yoga

Contemplating how to answer the question, “Am I good at Yoga?” A strange and ego driven question which is nearly impossible to answer.
Attending a yoga studio a few times a week and practicing an asana class doesn’t constitute “yoga”. The philosophy of yoga goes well beyond the physical aspects which are emphasised in the west.
Even the question “Am I good at yoga asana?” isn’t easy to answer. A person may have perfect alignment in a pose but the teacher has no idea what level of mindfulness has been established. Your posture, gaze and breath are indicators but only the practitioner knows their level of mindfulness.
Even asking the question “Am I good” indicates an over inflated ego and yogic deficiency. Don’t over analyse but feel the practices and benefit.

New Anatomical Model

Introducing our NEW teacher!!!

This teacher has an interesting bio, firstly it’s gender specific, doesn’t say much (the job interview was a bit one sided) certainly needs a feed, appears very flexible but seems to lack coordination and balance. Didn’t respond at all to my jokes but that’s normal. Appears very cold, heartless, even organless but has great knowledge of human movement, breath work (interesting because it has no lungs) and mindfulness (interesting because the skull seems empty)

Welcome to the team Bones!

The skeleton is a prop for the anatomy classes in our yoga teaching courses, for more information about teacher training click onto the link below

Farewell to Faye

Unfortunately for us Faye won’t be teaching a regular class at Peninsula Yoga from today. The good news is she may be coming back to make the occasional cameo appearance.

Faye has led some incredible classes at our studio for which I’m very grateful, her presence and teaching style will be sadly missed.

Thanks for your support of Peninsula Yoga Faye, more importantly thank you for your friendship.

Namaste friend.



Peninsula Yoga is presenting YOGA TEACHER TRAINING starting in May 2018. In partnership with Adore Yoga a 200 hour yoga teacher course is being offered for the first time on the Central Coast @ Woy Woy. Become a qualified yoga teacher in this fully accredited course right here on the Central Coast.

To registered for a free webinar phone 0427 442 230

or to download your free information brochure click on the link below

Yoga Teacher Training @ Peninsula Yoga

Peninsula Yoga is presenting Yoga Teacher Training starting in May 2018. In partnership with Adore Yoga a 200 hour yoga teacher training course is being offered for the first time on the central coast @ Woy Woy. Become a fully qualified, recognised and certified yoga teacher right here on the Central Coast.

If you’d like more information check out the following link