How do you assess your Yoga class?

How do you assess the quality of your Yoga class? When your laying in savasana at the end of your class, how do you judge weather the class was good or bad? What criteria, if any do you apply to come to your opinion?

I’m genuinely interested in your answers.

I received some feedback last week. I do respect the person’s opinion but I think they may have misunderstood the purpose of Yoga. I was advised that a class the person attended was not physically strong enough. Considering citta vrittinirodah the level of physical exertion is of little consequence. I do appreciate that a physical challenge is essential in development but meditation in movement does not require torn muscles and physical exhaustion! An intelligent and properly structured asana/movement sequence is essential for wellness, ripping and tearing eventually will physically wreck you.

I did watch this particular person practice and what I saw was poor alignment, poor knowledge of bio-mechanics, little concept of proprioception and resistance to adjustment and modification. If this person continues to practice in this way injuries will follow.

Asana should be practiced with steadiness and comfort. The Yoga postures can be incredibly beneficial if practiced correctly but can be detrimental to your health if practiced incorrectly.

Regardless of where you practice when a competent teacher feels your ready to deepen your asana practice they will guide, support and nurture you to the next level. Your yoga class is designed (mine are) to bring body and mind together in the present moment. I will offer you a physical challenge but only when I feel your ready, likewise I will modify you or adjust you if I feel your over exerting.

Keep moving, keep practicing, let your body become open to deeper stronger movements, allow your mind to become clear and receptive to deepening awareness. Be gentle with yourself and don’t indulge the dreaded ego. Stay with Yoga and the possibilities are endless.

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