When your practicing Yoga postures do you keep your eyes open or do you tend to close them?

If your eyes are open where are you looking? What are you doing with your eyes? Are you checking out the moves of the really bending person 3 mats in front of you? Are you looking out the window doing a quick weather check? The possibilities are endless. If your eyes are darting around the room during practice your scattering your energy and your mind will wander. If you close your eyes during practice or at any other time have you noticed how easy it is to daydream!

At the heart of yoga practice is the premise of controlling, slowing down or stopping the constant fluctuations of your mind. If your gaze is not softly focused your thoughts will be distracted by external influences and your ability to consciously move your body will be diminished. Body – mind connections are unobtainable if you cant turn your senses inward. Your gaze is a reflection of the quality of your thoughts!

Ideally your eyes should be open and your gaze directed towards a specific focal point, Focused gaze or Drishti develops an intention of concentration and helps the practitioner turn inward as one of the senses, sight is withdrawn. Where ever your gaze is directed your attention naturally follows!

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