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  1. Hi John. Have you got room for 3 people in Wednesday morning class 10.30 for myself and my partner and mother-in-law, both of them will be yoga first timers and I haven’t done a yoga class for years. Looking forward to getting back into it. Jo Dufficy


  2. Hi John,
    I’ve just filled out the waiver & would like to book in for tonight’s 5.30 class, however the website won’t allow me. Is there room in that class?

  3. Hey there, my wife and I are visiting from the States in May. I used to live in Woy Woy, but never had the chance to attend your studio. I was wanting to attend your 9AM to 10:30 AM class on 27th of May. Is there a way I could have us scheduled in? Thank you!

    • Hi Joshua, thanks for your inquiry. I’ve received the details you supplied via the online waiver form. Your most welcome to attend the class on the 27th of May. I look forward to meeting you both. Regards John

  4. Hello there

    I saw your advert in a Seniors publication recently. I suffer from vertigo and other aches and pains associated with getting older. I’ve attempted yoga many times without success because of floor exercises etc. I would like to come to your Thursday class if that’s possible.

    Regards, Kerrie Wheeler

  5. Hi I have signed the waiver and paid $15 for a first class but the booking page says I do not have access – I would like to attend class this Wednesday at 7pm please. Sincerely Bridget White

    • Hi Bridget,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      The class on Wednesday starts at 6pm and ENDS at 7pm.

      If you’d like to attend a 7pm class Monday evening is your only option.

      I’ll check out what going on with the waiver and booking when you come in.



  6. Hi,

    I have just signed a waiver as a first time attendee but I am not able to book a class.

    I would like to book a place for the 7am session on Saturday, 15 July 2017, could you please confirm this can be arranged?


  7. Hi,

    I have noted that this has also happened to my partner, Kirsten, could you also book a place for her at the 7am session on Sat, 15 July also.


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