No Coincidence!

Introducing the Scottish, English and Irish connection, Evelyn, Penny and Aoife.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while and finally it’s happened, to have these 3 practicing together in one class. I know it sounds a bit like a Dave Allen joke, a Scottish woman, an English woman and an Irish woman walk into a yoga class! (what happens next)
I’m working on the punch line!

Theres is no such thing as coincidence and it still amazes me that people of all different back grounds and walks of life all come together in a back lane in Woy Woy in an oddly shaped room to practice yoga together and share energy.

The universe works in strange and amazing ways.

Lesley Ewington – Rehabilitation

This lady is the very inspirational Lesley Ewington. Lesley has been practicing wth me for over 5 years, she’s 70 years plus young and keeps herself fit and active by playing tennis, she swims regularly and of course yoga. Lesley has recently had a shoulder reconstruction and the focus and determination she’s dedicated to her rehabilitation is awe inspiring. Her Doctor can’t believe the range of movement she’s achieved in such a short time after surgery, Lesley attributes her remarkable recovery to her yoga practices

Chair Yoga – Bev McPherson

Introducing Bev McPherson who is a highly regarded and foundation member of our “Sit your way to Health” chair yoga class.

Bev contracted an illness which resulted in the amputation of a lower leg and fingers. She hasn’t let that major set back interfere with her yoga practices, achieving incredible results in mobility and pain relief.

Bev is an absolute inspiration with her commitment to movement, focus and determination.

If you can feel and breath I can offer you a suitable yoga practice.