Yoga in Winter

The seasons are changing – Winter is about to arrive!!!

The Kapha dosha (energy that defines a persons makeup) dominates and with its characteristics of coolness, dampness, heaviness and sluggishness it’s no wonder you want lock yourself away. In the colder months the natural instinct is to rug up in front of a fire-place with a warm cup of tea and hide away from the winter weather, the desire to hibernate has arrived! A nice but unrealistic notion! It’s very important to remember that winter is not a time to stop your Yoga practise, it’s time to change your practise in accordance with the season.

You can’t escape what the universe is offering, your part of it, you still have to function and go about your daily life regardless of the weather. You can partially withdraw from life over winter but to do so you have to live an artificial life, fake heating, fake lighting, eating unseasonal foods, the list goes on. You may be able to exist like this but its false, this is not living, it’s out of step with the universe and it will have diminishing effects on your wellness.

A winter practise helps you keep warm. Muscles produce heat in the body when they contract, the process of converting chemical energy to mechanical energy produces heat, this increases the flow of blood through your body, which keeps you warm. Intelligent movement will help prevent muscular-joint pain and stiffness, your immune system remains strong and in conjunction with a healthy diet will help prevent the usual winter illnesses.

The human body is meant to move, its that simple. As soon as mobility is lost, wellness declines.

Have you noticed how people walk around in contracted bodies during winter, shoulders hunched, upper backs rounded and arms wrapped across the their chests all in an effort to maintain body heat. This “closed” gesture in movement will biomechanically destroy posture and at a deeper level prevent the flow of subtle energy throughout the body causing a decline in function and wellness.

Dull, gloomy and cold weather may make you feel low and lethargic but there’s nothing more uplifting and mood changing than your regular Yoga practise.
There is a science behind the sequencing of your Yoga class, hopefully your noticing that your practise has been altered to cater for the change in season. An intelligent and well structured Yoga sequence is easy to maintain in winter or any other time of the year if you maintain your motivation. You can stay strong and healthy if you keep moving and dont allow the cold weather to hinder your practise.

Stay warm, keep moving and be gentle with yourselves.


Not “Chic” but “Real”

Hey Peninsula Yogis, looks like we missed out on being rated as one of the Central Coasts “chic” yoga studios. Upon hearing this news I thought I’d better find out exactly what “chic” means, some of the descriptions are,- “stylish, elegant, sophisticated, dapper, debonair, attractive, stylish, fashionable, ultra-modern, trendy, snappy”.

All things that we definitely are NOT.

Our studio sits in a pot holed back lane, with garbage dumpsters and possibly the Central Coasts ugliest building for a view. We have a resident homeless man camped across the road. We hear all the rantings of a rather cranky local business man and a lot our classes are accompanied by the vibrations and hum of industrial washing machines. We encourage GREAT jokes, conversation and interaction.

Where definitely not “Chic”. We must be doing something right though! ! Most of our classes are full, we’ve been established for over 12 years, the studio goes from strength to strength.

The success of our studio is an endorsement for traditional yoga without gimmick, yoga designed for real people offering functional, practicable and structured movement which considers the strengths and restrictions of each individual.


View from studio door

Kundalini Classes


Kundalini Yoga is now being offered at Peninsula Yoga

Kundalini classes offer an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning “truth is my identity.” The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.

Monday and Wednesday at 3.30pm.

Satya (Truth)

SATYA – (Truthfulness) is the second of “yamas” (restraints) documented by Patanjali in his classic treatise the Yoga Sutra. The yamas are things that you shouldn’t do and along with the Niyamas constitute yoga’s ethical guidelines for living.

The concept of Satya or truth is wide-reaching and very detailed, being truthful to yourself, to others in both actions and words. Apparently we start to understand the concept of untruthfulness around the age of 3, like any behaviour if its practiced enough, the better you develop your lying skills and the more deceitful you become.

Certain personality types will feel their superior to others and their particular style of untruthfulness is somehow a noble course and justified through their deflective and hypocritical behaviours.

Remember the person who berates and accuses the most often and the loudest is usually doing the exact thing there accusing someone else of doing.

Be truthful to yourself, believe in yourself, be gentle with yourself.