Tin Man

Is Yoga part of your new years resolution?

If you haven’t been to a class before you may be a little bit apprehensive about what to expect. Keeping it real and appropriate to you and your unique body/mind condition is what is emphasised at Peninsula Yoga (Gnostic)

I don’t post pictures of myself in contorted and advanced poses, the reason being is that I can’t do them. Naturally enough I don’t expect you too either but you can if your capable, you will be safely guided. I wouldn’t exercise in a sauna and I don’t expect you too either. I don’t worship or chant to some false guru (maybe with the exception of The Don) so I don’t expect you too either.

What I can offer you is a very beneficial body-mind experience and some queues on how to drop the dreaded ego, allowing you to make connections between your head (mind) and heart (body). Hopefully making you feel a lot better and ultimately happier as you take what you learn in class and introduce it in to your everyday life.

Gender, religion, body type, strength, flexibility are all irrelevant. No special clothing or equipment is necessary. If you can breath and feel a class is available for you.