Yoga De-Mystified


Are you interested in trying out a Yoga class? Did you make a New Years resolution to get healthier in 2017. If yoga is on your bucket list let me demystify a few things for you.

Your age is no barrier, the age of my clients ranges from 15 to 101. Your level of fitness, flexibility, balance and strength is irrelevant, there is a class suitable for you. Yoga will compliment other sporting and fitness modalities. Yoga is not a religion or gender specific. There is no particular body shape required, no special language has to be learnt, you don’t have to chant, burn incense, eat mung beans or have to be born under a relevant star sign. If you want to deepen your knowledge beyond asana (exercise) you will be given that opportunity but it won’t be forced. There is no special yoga clothing or shoes, practice is done in bare feet.

What you do need is a desire to improve your wellness through structured movement and intelligent movement (Yoga) the formula is simple, move your body, focus your mind and tune into your breath.