Worrier vs Warrier

Are you a peaceful warrior or a worrier?
A very basic desire of yoga practitioners is to get out of their head space and feel from the heart space. This sounds like a very simple concept but extremely difficult to achieve.
As an experiment try focusing your thoughts exclusively on your breath for one minute. Nothing but breath! Disregard very other thought, feeling or sensation and remain focused on the breath. Could you do it?
If you struggled with that simple example of mindfulness don’t despair, your not alone. In these modern times where bombarded with an enormous amount of stimulus, TV, computers, phones, social media and advertising material all compete for your mind space. How often do you find yourself reliving some incident from your past, going over a conversation you may have had years before. How often do you find yourself stressing about the future, worrying and concerning yourself about an incident that hasn’t even happened and in reality may never happen. Your mind can manifest any scenario, negative or positive if you continually fuel it with unrealistic scenarios.
You can’t live in the past, it’s happened and can’t be erased. What you can do is to learn from it but no amount of reliving your past will change it. You can’t live in the future because it hasn’t happened. It’s great to plan and set goals but you can’t base your hole life on a virtual future. Where you can live is in the present moment, this minute, today, right now!
Yoga will help you develop an ability to live in the present moment through structured and intelligent movements of the body which are practiced synchronised with the breath. The breath creates a link between your body and mind resulting in current moment awareness. Yoga exercise is more of a therapeutic moving meditation than an exercise program. The mindfulness developed in the yoga class can be taken off the mat, out of the studio and used in your every day life.
The benefits of mindfulness are incredible, it can reduce stress, help cope with depression and anxiety, aid in producing a better quality sleep, develop clarity of thought and create a positive outlook.
Get to yoga and become a peaceful warrior NOT worrier.