Bhujangasana (Cobra)

Featured Yoga Pose (Bhujangasana) or Cobra Pose.

This modern and fast pace life style we live is effecting our wellness! The self obsession with electronic devices and the need to continually check social media status is certainly adversely affecting the biomechanics of movement and physical posture is deteriorating.

Have you noticed the way people sit, stand or even walk. Chin on the chest, shoulders forward and upper back rounded as they look down at their smart phone? A devolution in posture is taking place! The spine is not meant to be straight, natural spinal curves provide strength, balance and act as shock absorbers for the body. Modern lifestyle patterns are exaggerating the spinal curves beyond their natural range, eventually leading to injury, poor biomechanics and restricted movement patterns.

Yoga postures, particularly back bends are a great antidote to the modern western sedentary lifestyle. Bhujangasana or the cobra pose is a safe and effective prone back bend that will restore postural balance in the body. This pose increases the range of motion and strengthens the spine, opens the chest and shoulders, increases circulation through the lungs and abdomen and energises the legs. The cobra pose also has a positive effect of emotional health and allows the subtle energy to flow without restriction.
 If you feel that you lack the mobility to practice in a general yoga class or if your recovering from an injury or suffering from an illness you can still benefit from yoga practice through our “Sit your way to health” seated yoga class. All the benefits of yoga while your safely sitting in a chair.