Body and Mind Connection

Yoga the Body – Mind Connection
The body and mind are inseparable! Whatever happens to your body will be reflected in your mind, whatever happens in your mind will be reflected in your body.
If you suffer from an emotional or stressful blow it will have a subsequent effect on your body, it will show up as tightness, tension, imbalance or a blockage of subtle energy (prana).
If you injure yourself physically it will have a subsequent effect on your mind, sometimes the mental effect of a physical injury is far worse than the injury itself.
The very essence of Yoga practice is to bring the body and mind together as one entity that is focused on and tuned into the elusive present moment.
The conscious and mindful physical movements of Yoga asana (exercise) keep your body healthy creating a dynamic vehicle for you to live your life. Techniques such as meditation, relaxation and breath work (innercise) have been developed to control the incessant stream of self-chatter of the mind, allowing you to find inner peace.
Yoga embraces a wide number of practices that create wellness of both body and mind, to simplify exercise for a healthy body – innercise for a healthy mind, connected through the breath.
To quote James Joyce in his novel the Dubliners “Mr Duffy lived a short distance from his body”, for all round wellness make the body-mind connection.