Cyclists and Coffee are they inseperable?

Over the past year I’ve noticed an explosion of cyclists, not out riding but sitting in cafés! I’ve been a cyclist most of my life and I fully understand the incredible wellness and health benefits of cycling. Our local area is almost perfectly designed for a bike ride, tracks around the water front, a velodrome at West Gosford and literally hundreds of mountain bike circuits. They’re all underused because most of the cyclists are sitting in cafés drinking coffee.

It’s an incredible phenomena to watch a car pull up with a very expensive bike on the roof tracks, the driver jumps out and detaches the bike, wheels it to the bike rack outside a cafe, drinks coffee, puts the bike back on the car and drives off.

Here’s a tip for my fellow cyclists, you will actually get the benefit if you put your backside on the seat and get your legs to turn the peddles.

After an actually ride on the bike why not come to Yoga and I’ll work on your tight hamstrings and hyper kyphosis, then go and enjoy your cafe experience.

Maybe bikes shop owners could advise me, do you give away free coffee vouchers with each bike sold? Cafe owners, do you have give always for best lycra outfit?

Whether your a cafe cyclist or a real cyclist enjoy your weekend and stay safe. Keep moving!

Yoga is moving Meditation

I hear people speak of practicing “Yoga” and “Meditation” Why separate the two? The reality is you can’t. Regardless of the branch of Yoga being practiced the ultimate aim is unity of the body and mind, Citta vritti nirodah. Yoga is meditation

Another thing to consider is Yoga offers a blueprint for living, it’s a state of mind not something you do in 90 minute session once or twice a week. You live it!!! The phrase “I’m going to Yoga” is not correct. Don’t confine your practice to your visits to a Yoga school, live it every minute of every day.


When your practicing Yoga postures do you keep your eyes open or do you tend to close them?

If your eyes are open where are you looking? What are you doing with your eyes? Are you checking out the moves of the really bending person 3 mats in front of you? Are you looking out the window doing a quick weather check? The possibilities are endless. If your eyes are darting around the room during practice your scattering your energy and your mind will wander. If you close your eyes during practice or at any other time have you noticed how easy it is to daydream!

At the heart of yoga practice is the premise of controlling, slowing down or stopping the constant fluctuations of your mind. If your gaze is not softly focused your thoughts will be distracted by external influences and your ability to consciously move your body will be diminished. Body – mind connections are unobtainable if you cant turn your senses inward. Your gaze is a reflection of the quality of your thoughts!

Ideally your eyes should be open and your gaze directed towards a specific focal point, Focused gaze or Drishti develops an intention of concentration and helps the practitioner turn inward as one of the senses, sight is withdrawn. Where ever your gaze is directed your attention naturally follows!

Prospective Yogis!!!

Hey guys if you have family or friends thinking about coming to my Yoga classes can you pass this message on from me, thanks.

Firstly there is no particular body prototype required for my classes, there is no perfect body type for Yoga, your welcome and will benefit regardless of your shape.
Your not required to wear any trendy brand clothes to practice with me but you can if you wish, there’s not a yoga uniform.
Your physical flexibility, mobility or strength doesn’t exclude you from practice but you will improve in those areas if you practice regularly.
An open mind and a desire to be “present” and to make body-mind connections is the only requirement.
If you can move and breath you can practice with me.

See you at your next class.

Deceptive Food Labelling

Sick of the deception in food labeling!!! Just shopping in Woolworths and got involved in a conversation with an elderly couple, as you do. The man had heart problems and was determined to eat healthier from now on, very determined to make a lifestyle change. He picked up a tub of margarine (which I would have advised against regardless) and made the selection. He was very happy that it was labelled as “heart healthy and had the “tick” of approval. What he didn’t realize was that the product of full of trans fats!!! How do they get away with this deception, blatant lies in marketing. Trans fats lengthen shelf life but decrease human life!!!