Invest in Wellness wisely

If your one of the many vital people who have made the decision to improve your wellness through exercise/movement I congratulate you. I congratulate you for taking control of your health destiny, improving your lifestyle and potentially extending your life span.

If your new to exercise, regardless of the modality please seek expert advise before embarking on your endeavour. Research is essential, do your home work! Invest your money and your time wisely.  We all seem to leading very busy live styles, working long hours, commuting long distances, sedentary jobs, sleep deprivation and poor diet are common detrimental lifestyle factors.

People are time poor! Leisure time is sacred!  If you only have limited time to dedicate to yourself through exercise make each hour count. Starting an exercise/wellness programme can be expensive particularly if your not adequately informed. Save money and manage your time, be smart, be savvy in your wellness decisions.

Your first step is to seek medical advise, go to your Doctor and have a check up, know your vital statistics. Speak to a trainer/movement coach, hopefully someone recommended to you and seek advise.  The last thing you want is to injure yourself and lose time and pay money for treatment.

If a gym membership is your wellness choice, ask questions of the staff, find out what qualifications and experience the instructors have. To avoid injuring yourself, don’t work out on the equipment until you know how it works, don’t join a group class until your physically ready. Quality gyms have qualified staff that will guide you through the process, help you set goals and mentor your programme.

If cycling is for you,  make sure you have your “position” set on the bike suited to your unique body shape, for your body to perform at its optimum and to avoid postural imbalances you need to have a bike adjusted to your physique.

For runners, think about foot wear, protect your joints. Avoid running long distances on hard surfaces. I recommend beach running/sprints but be guided by your trainer. Your body shape will impact on the style of running your prescribed.

Yoga offers very complete and complex patterns of movement. Contrary to what you may think or have been told Yoga movement is not simply stretching. Strength, stretch, flexibility, mobility and balance are all catered for in various degrees of intensity. Yoga postures can very powerful and beneficial if practised correctly but can have diminishing returns if practised incorrectly. Seek out a teacher, ask questions, be advised. A good teacher will help modify the postures to “fit” you and help adjust your body into the correct position. Yoga can be practised by anyone regardless of your level of fitness, health or body type. If you can feel and breathe and are being guided by a suitably qualified teacher you can practise Yoga movement.

Invest your time and money in wellness only after you educate yourself and have found a competent mentor. The importance of diet and mental/emotional health can’t be disregarded in a holistic approach to wellness, subjects I’ll discuss in the future.

Good luck on your journey to wellness.