“Sit your way to health”

The wellness benefits of Yoga are well known, Yoga practise is now considered a mainstream path to optimum health. Unfortunately there tends to be a misconception that Yoga can only be practised by people who are very fit and healthy. The strength and flexibility of your muscles and the mobility of your joints is irrelevant in a properly structured Yoga movement program.
If you can breathe and feel you can practise Yoga movement. You can correct postural imbalances, improve your circulation, strengthen your body, and develop flexibility and mobility regardless of your physical condition. If you have weight challenges, are elderly, have limited mobility or simply can’t get onto a Yoga mat on the floor Chair Yoga could be for you. In this method a chair replaces the Yoga mat, you practise whilst securely sitting in a chair.
Chair Yoga is a great method if you’re recovering from surgery, if you suffer from arthritis, have on going health concerns or are new to exercise. Chair Yoga exercises are practised gently as your body is comfortably guided through a series of movements that impact on the various muscle groups and joint processes.
Chair Yoga is fantastic for train commuters, airline travellers or office workers or in any situation where your ability to move is restricted. The human body is designed to move, a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your health. Chair Yoga exercises are a simple and safe way to maintain mobility in a restricted situation or a crowded work place.
Yoga is a body-mind modality, a chair yoga class aims at not only strengthening and mobilising your body but also aims at focusing and relaxing your mind.

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